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Computer Infotech® is a Maine website design company providing affordable, quality web sites, web hosting and computer services for small and home-based businesses and non-profit organizations.








Maine Website Design Company - Web Sites, Web Pages, & Web Hosting

Looking to get your own website up and running?

Look no further! At Computer Infotech, we take the hassle out of website design services. We are a professional Maine website design company providing you with all the web site design services in one stop so you don't have to shop around or do it yourself. We:

  • Design Websites and web site pages.
  • Provide reliable web hosting for your web site.
  • Register your domain name for your websites.
  • Optimize your website for the search engines.
  • Track your website in the search engines.
  • Maintain your web site pages.

Computer Infotech is a Maine-based website design, web hosting, and computer services company serving customers nationwide. We provide custom web site design services so every website we create is different - NO TEMPLATES or prefabricated designs - and we build your website to your specifications.

Our Maine company is experienced in all areas of web site design. Our company works to create the Website you want:

  • All web site designs are original. No pre-made templates.
  • Html, shtml, dhtml, java, Flash, cgi, and PHP knowledgeable.
  • Flash applets and animations for your website.
  • E-commerce web sites, dynamic Web site pages and more.
  • FREE image scanning and text typing for your website.

Please check out our web site design packages or we can customize according to your website design needs.


Call us Toll Free 1-888-619-7350 or Email Us today. Let us help you get the website you want!

If you know what you want or you want to learn more, check out our services. Use the links above to browse our website to read about our:

We are a full line computer service company. For all of our customers, we provide web site design, web hosting, graphic design and technical support through phone and email. To our local Maine customers, we also offer computer repair and virus removal services.

Call us Toll Free 1-888-619-7350

Toll Free 1-866-942-2351

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Customer Comments

"Besides being INDISPENSIBLE in maintaining our website - making necessary updates, keeping the shopping cart functioning smoothly, troubleshooting, AND keeping the site LOOKING GREAT - Julie has been easy and a pleasure to deal with. She has been so helpful with all aspects of our website."--Laine-Fiddlers Green Farm

"I have just finished leisurely roaming through our site. I love it! It is gorgeous and I want to thank you for this creative work. I like the simplicity. It is not "heavy" like some of the other vestment sites. I found it quite easy to find my way around and the downloading was not too long."-- Theresa

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